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With a vaccine at least a year away and the continuous rise of COVID-19 confirmed cases across the country, it’s important to remember that even as some restrictions loosen in GCQ, we should still follow strict COVID-19 measures to flatten the curve and contain the virus.

Here are things and activities not to do when the lockdown end:


Attending Large Gatherings

Strict social distancing measures should be observed to slow the spread of the virus. Going to crowded places and events like parties, bars, and churches give asymptomatic hosts an opportunity to infect you and others.


Not washing your hands regularly

Keep your hands germ-free and continue to practice proper body hygiene. Regular hand washing is one of the best ways to minimize your risk of acquiring COVID-19.


Engage in Physical Contact

Unfortunately, we’re not yet at the stage where we can hug our loved ones freely. Sticking to hands-free greetings and keeping a healthy distance remains the best way to keep your friends and family safe.


Out of the country vacation

There’s no saying when it will be safe to travel outside the country. It’s advisable to postpone your vacation plans abroad for the meantime and stay safe inside your homes instead.


Going out without wearing a face mask

We should remain cautious and careful when going outside. Face masks and shields protect you from person-to-person virus transmission like coughing and sneezing.