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Congratulations! You have just purchased quality tires from BRIDGESTONE/ FIRESTONE.

This Limited Warranty covers new BRIDGESTONE & FIRESTONE brand passenger and light truck tires.

This Limited Warranty only applies to the original purchaser, and is valid if all of the following apply:

  • The tire was purchased from an official Bridgestone Retailer (list of authorized retailers can be found at
  • The tire is a size and speed rating equivalent to or greater than that specified by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • The tire has been used only on the vehicle on which it was originally installed.
  • The tire has not been used in commercial service
  • The tire is NOT imported or manufactured from Costa Rica, South America, and South Africa.



An eligible tire that becomes unusable for any reason within the manufacturer’s control will be replaced with an equivalent new tire on the basis set forth in this Limited Warranty. Each tire brand has specific warranty coverage and certain conditions that apply; for details, see “Warranty Coverage.”



This Limited Warranty does not cover the following:

  1. Tire damage or irregular wear due to:
    • Road hazards, including, without limitation: Puncture, cut, impact break, stone drill, bruise, bulge, snag, etc.
    • Improper use or operation, including, without limitation: Improper inflation pressure, overloading, tire/wheel spinning, use of an improper wheel, tire chain damage, misuse, misapplication, negligence, tire alteration, or for racing or competition purposes.
    • Insufficient or improper maintenance, including, without limitation: failure to rotate tires as recommended in the car manufacturer’s manual, wheel misalignment, worn suspension components, improper tire mounting or demounting, tire/wheel assembly imbalance, or other vehicle conditions, defects, or characteristics.
    • Contamination or degradation by petroleum products or other chemicals, fire or other externally generated heat, or water or other material trapped inside the tire during mounting or inflation.
    • Any repair voids this Limited Warranty.
    • For Run-Flat (RFT) tires only, improper run-flat or low tire pressure operation, including, without limitation: exceeding speed, distance, or other run-flat/low-pressure operation limitations.
  2. Rapid tread wear or wear-out.
  3. Ride disturbance or vibration after 1/32 inch (0.8 mm) of tread wear use.
  4. Tires with sealant, balance, or other filler material that was not originally applied or inserted by the tire manufacturer.
  5. Tires used in commercial service.
  6. Tires purchased as used.
  7. Tires inflated with anything other than air or nitrogen.


Bridgestone & Firestone – Limited Warranty

The Limited Warranty covers all Bridgestone brand passenger and light truck tires—except “temporary use” spare tires. A tire covered by the Limited Warranty will be replaced with an equivalent new tire either free of charge or for a pro-rated amount if the tire becomes unusable for any reason within the manufacturer’s control under the following conditions:

After the free tire replacement period, coverage extends up to a.) 7 years from the date of manufacturing for Bridgestone b.) 5 years from the date of manufacturing for Firestone. During this period, the tire will be replaced but there will be a pro-rated charge. To determine the replacement price, the percent of tread wear is multiplied by DEALER’S then current selling price for the replacement tire(s). The appropriate taxes, mounting, balancing, disposal fees, and other service charges may be added to the replacement price.

The tire must not be worn to 2/32 inch (1.6 mm) or less remaining original tread depth (i.e. worn down to the top of the built-in indicators in the tread grooves).

Exclusions apply—as identified in the section “What This Limited Warranty Does Not Cover.”

Original equipment tires on new vehicles. (See separate warranty, if applicable, in your vehicle’s glove box.)


If you receive a replacement tire under this Limited Warranty, it will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or warranties, if any, given on that tire at that time.


Tire adjustments under this Limited Warranty, including those for Bridgestone Run-Flat tires, will only be made at an authorized retailer

These authorized retailers should be able to provide you with guidance on how to go about warranty claims. Please visit to find the location nearest you.


In order to keep this Limited Warranty valid, you are expected to perform regular tire inspection and maintenance practices such as but not limited to – operating tires at the proper tire inflation pressures as specified by the vehicle manufacturer and within tire/ vehicle load capacity and speed limitations, and; maintaining proper wheel alignment and tire/ wheel assembly balance. To request an adjustment, you must present the tire to an authorized retailer.