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Touring FS100

The excellent balance of safety and comfort

Safety, quality, and value for money — the FIRESTONE FS100 proves that combining affordability with reliability is possible. These tires are here to accompany you on your next drive, keeping your rides smooth and stable on the road.

Block sizes combination

Optimized pitch variation in the size and position of tread blocks on pattern design to help spreading noise frequency range that can minimized the pattern noice for a quit ride

Chamfered edge

Maximises dry and wet handling and braking by improving block uniformity on ground contact that produces greater traction

Optimised sipe angle and lug

Effectively prevents tire deformation and enchances water channeling to resist hydroplaning for your safety on wet roads

*Certain limitations and restrictions apply. Ask a Bridgestone retailer for details.

Build to balance safety with comfort


  • Block sizes combination
  • Chamfered edge
  • Optimized sipe angle and lug