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Turanza T005A

Exceptionally smooth ride
Superior Quietness
Assured Confidence

TURANZA tires are engineered to provide a smooth, comfortable and reliable ride in any condition

TURANZA seeks to achieve the high-level balance that luxury car owners seek, combining comfort, security, driving performance, and advanced technology. Utilizing cutting-edge
tyre technology to achieve the ideal driving conditions for the drivers of world-class luxury cars, TURANZA will constantly improve the drivers’ performance.

*Certain limitations and restrictions apply. Ask a Bridgestone retailer for details.

Notable Traits

  • Ride Comfort
  • Wear Life
  • Quiet Ride


Combining comfort
and luxury


  • Designed for luxury vehicles
  • Provides balance between comfortable silence and stability
  • Improves comfort without sacrificing handling
  • Minimizes road noise through an advanced noise-cancelling tread design