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Corporate Values

The Group maintains an optimum balance between short-term management measures and mid-to long-term management measures, with a focus on “Lean” in the short term and “Strategic” in the mid- and continues to implement management reforms, giving highest priority to optimization on a group and global basis.

Management Goal

  • A truly Global Company
  • “Dan-totsu” in our industries

Mission & Foundation

  • Mission

> Serving Society with Superior Quality

  • Vision

> “Seijutsu-Kyocho”

[Integrity and Teamwork]

> “Shinshu-Dokuso”

[Creative Pioneering]

> “Genbutsu-Genba”

[Decision-Making Based on Verified, On-Site Observation]

> “Jukuryo-Danko”

[Decisive Action after Thorough Planning]

Basic Stance

  • Lean & Strategic
  • Optimize management on a Group and Global basis

Random Tools & Priority Issues

  • Reform Tools

> SBU (Strategic Business Unit) Program

> Mid-term Management Plan Utilize the above mentioned reformed tools and improve the quality and the speed of management reforms

  • Priority Issues

> Cultivating global corporate culture

> Developing human resources capable of global management

> Upgrading the global management culture