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The Revolutionary Ecopia

More savings, more road

ECOPIA provides eco-friendly performance through higher fuel efficiency and safety. It allows for reduced rolling resistance, which in turn enhances fuel efficiency. ECOPIA also reduces the production of harmful carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming.

It promises reduced rolling resistance without undermining safety from braking performance, including in wet conditions.

Uncompromising Dueler

Comfort meets confidence

DUELER delivers the combined capabilities of road gripping performance and versatility. It brings together the high-level traction, power and toughness required for full-fledged 4WD vehicles. DUELER provides all season performance and handling on both wet and dry surfaces.

It is armed with technology that makes exploring challenging terrains and rough roads easy to handle. With DUELLER, your driving experience is the perfect blend of quality performance and a smooth ride.

M/T 674


Fast and Agile Potenza

Road-gripping performance

POTENZA is specially designed for speed and better control, ultimate handling and response. Its finely tuned tread patterns allows for better grip and cornering capabilities without sacrificing stability even at high speeds. POTENZA delivers improved durability with its improved rubber compound, making its wear life last longer.

Its improved grip and enhanced steering response technologies, among others, allow for maximum precision for your sports car or performance vehicle for high speeds.

The All New Turanza

Remarkably quiet ride

TURANZA provides the perfect balance of comfort and reliable durability demanded by luxury vehicles. Its ultra quiet, all season Turanza Serenity Plus innovation makes for an incredibly smooth driving experience by absorbing road noise in both wet and dry conditions.

With advanced noise cancelling tread design, it minimizes tire noise for comfort while enhancing handling on wet and dry roads alike.