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What is the Tire Load Index - Bridgestone Philippines

One of the symbols you can see in your tire’s sidewall is the load index. So what is this about? The load index tells you the load-carrying capacity of the tires you purchased. In short, it indicates how much weight your tire can carry. As motorists, it is vital to know the tire load index. Because if you exceed based on the given load index, it can overload your vehicle and build up excessive heat that may result in sudden tire blowouts. Also, take note that you should Never install tires with a lower load-carrying capacity than the tires originally installed on your vehicle in the factory.

if you want to know the capacity of your tire, you can check your owner’s manual to figure out the recommended tire size and load index, or you can check out the example below:

For example, if a tire has a load index of 97, it can support 730 kgs at maximum air pressure. Multiply that by four tires to get your car’s maximum load-carrying capacity.

4 tires x 730 kgs per tire = 2,920 kgs total weight capacity

Bridgestone Tire Load Index Chart

Bridgestone Philippines Tire Load Index Chart 1

Bridgestone Philippines Tire Load Index Chart 2