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Tire essential tools that should be in your car

Tires are often overlooked, even though taking care of them is easy! Showing them love through regular maintenance and upkeep will improve their fuel economy, vehicle handling, and extend their life span.

Prepare for unforeseen events while you’re on the road by having these essentials in your car.


Tire Jack

If road service isn’t available and you’re planning to change your tire on your own, you will need a tire jack to safely raise your tire off the ground.


Lug Wrench

Tire jack, spare tire, and lug wrench all go together when changing a tire, so make sure you have these 3. Use this tool to loosen lug nuts on your tires.


Tire Pressure Gauge

Know exactly how much air has been lost and needs to be added to your tire with this tool. Remember to check your tire’s air pressure at least once a month.


Anti-theft tire lock

If you’re leaving your tire in a neighborhood that isn’t familiar to you, this tool will be your best friend! This anti-theft tire lock will secure your tires and protect them from potential theft.


Tire puncture repair kit

Your tires can acquire damages depending on the road condition you are driving in, so it’s better to be prepared to repair any pesky punctures with this tire puncture repair kit.



You’ll never know when you’ll need scissors, a screwdriver, or a sharp edge. Having these essentials would give you peace of mind knowing that you’re prepared in case you need them!