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Taking Care of Your Tires in the Changing Weather


Taking care of your your car tires during different weather conditions is as important as caring for your own safety. One shouldn’t compromise when it comes to this aspect as the changing weather can affect your tire’s performance. Heat and rain are the two major factors that can alter the efficiency of your tires:



Too much heat increases the temperature of the tire and makes the molecules to expand, causing it to over inflate. The hot weather builds too much pressure on the tire and overheat much more quickly. This can sometimes cause tire blowouts, so it’s best to regularly check its pressure to avoid such accidents.



The rain or wet surfraces can make your vehicle hydroplane. This is when your tires are moving quickly across a wet surface. Your car’s tire loses traction because of the water and slips off the road.

Remember that when your car hydroplanes, never brake or turn suddenly as this could throw your car into a skid. Just hold the steering wheel firmly and don’t steer in any other direction and go straight ahead. Take your foot off the gas slowly until your car reduces speed and steering returns to normal. In instances where you need to break, remember to do it gently with light and pumping gestures.

Always be careful when driving in hot and rainy weather conditions, and make sure that your tires are in optimal performing condition. For the best driving experience, get the Bridgestone tire that suits your needs! Visit the nearest Bridgestone dealer near you today.