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Shop Smart: Do not purchase illegitimate imports

When shopping for things, it’s easier to assume that you’ll are saving money when purchasing items with a lower price tag. That’s what most shoppers would think.

While it’s a good principle to be frugal and save your money instead of splurging, there are instances that the price tag does not guarantee value and quality. In other cases like purchasing tires, it’s better to pay more now by buying high-quality tires from legitimate tire centers so you’ll end up saying money in the long run.

You might be wondering what we mean by this.

It pays to spend more for premium quality Bridgestone tires from trusted dealers. These high-quality tires are more reliable and will last longer.

You do not need to wonder about its origin, history, and legitimacy. Bridgestone Philippines can assure you of this and can take accountability on issues that might be related to manufacturing, like factory defects. Buying illegitimate imports from unauthorized dealers, cannot guarantee you this.

Another thing to consider is your security, would you want to trade your safety to save money? Bridgestone Philippines doesn’t promote this. We value each and everyone’s safety on the road, that is the very core of our brand and how our tires are made. Illegitimate Bridgestone tire imports aren’t made for the topography of the Philippines and our road, which might endanger the lives of its users.

We strongly advise not to go for the cheapest option. Shop smart and consider the value you’re getting for the price you are paying.

Since we’re in the discussion of value, what are the benefits and perks you’ll reap if you buy Bridgestone tires from authorized tire centers?

  • You can avail of the ongoing promos, therefore you can shop guilt-free!
  • You’re eligible for Bridgestone’s 7-year warranty program
  • Drive with ease and not worry about the safety and quality of your tires
  • Enjoy the top-notch service our dealership offers with Bridgestone customers