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Potenza Adrenalin RE004 Tire Pattern

All sports car owners know how important it is to find the right set of tires that will provide them the best experience possible.

They are not only looking for a tire with a superior grip on the road, they are seeking ultimate performance.

There’s a myriad of tire brands that produce sports car tires, but you have to be picky as not all of them meet the high standards your sports car requires—many of these tires use outdated technology which will undermine the capabilities of your ride.

Bridgestone has produced superior quality and most trusted tires globally, and we continue to evolve our tires’ features and technology so we can provide our consumers with the ultimate experience on the road.

So if you’re a sports car enthusiast looking for a tire that’ll help maximize your driving experience.

Say no more, Bridgestone has the right tire for you.

Potenza Adrenalin RE004

This Bridgestone tire delivers an incredible driving experience with its cutting-edge technology in the unique tread pattern and tire composition giving you:

  • Precise handling
  • Superior Cornering Performance
  • Super dry handling


Potenza Adrenalin Tire Features


Triple & Half Grooves

Gives you control on both wet and dry road surfaces

Wide Inside Rib

Stiffens instantly in reaction to road conditions for your comfort

“A” shape & Aggressive Groove

A dynamic tread pattern that delivers superb handling

Connecting Blocks

A stiff shoulder block increasing tire sensitivity while excessive movement is reduced

With these features, you can enjoy:

  • Increased handling stability and powerful traction in dry conditions.
  • Precise cornering performance
  • Improved drainage and anti-hydroplaning performance
  • Better fuel efficiency and wet traction
  • Quick initial steering response

Potenza Adrenalin RE004 Characteristics


Potenza RE004 isn’t just a tire built for driver; it’s a tire built for the drive.