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New Year DIY Car Maintenance Checklist

Start the year right by keeping your car in great condition with this easy car maintenance checklist of tasks you can do at home. 

Tire visual check

Inspect your tires for cracks and unusual bulges on the sidewalls. Safely remove any foreign object wedge in between the grooves but not embedded. As for debris embedded on any surface of the tire, Bridgestone recommends that you bring it to our nearest tire center/dealership. 

Air Pressure Check

For a more accurate measure of your tire’s air pressure, remember that it should be done while the tires are cool. Do air pressure checks daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the road conditions that your tires are exposed to and the frequency at which they are being utilized. 

Tire Wear Diagnosis

If you see any irregular tire wear, bring your car to the nearest tire center for diagnosis. 

Look out for the following tire wear patterns:

  • Exposed tread bars
  • Irregular shoulder wear
  • Shoulder wear
  • Center wear



Clean your battery

Inspect your battery for any corrosion. If there is, clean it with corrosion removal fluid and a wire brush. 

New wiper blades

If your blades are worn out and are streaking and scraping whenever you use them, replace them. Make sure to remember how the blades fit on the metal arms before removing them. 

Air filters

Change your air filter every year or every 12,000 miles. A dirty air filter inhibits the amount of air flowing into your car’s engine, which makes the engine work harder, consuming more fuel.

Replace it to increase efficiency and improve your car’s acceleration.

Car Lights Check

Look for any cracks or broken lenses, also check that a bulb hasn’t blown. Remove the bulb and check if it looks burned out. Is it black, melted, or discolored? If yes, replace it with a new one. You can get the replacements at your local automotive store. Make sure to include headlights, fog lights, reversing lights, and indicators in your inspection.