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Bridgestone Nano Pro Tech

Bridgestone is committed to serving society with superior quality. Our innovative tire technology will always center around our strong commitment to safety and secure mobility.

To fulfill this purpose, Bridgestone produces tires that satisfy diverse end-user needs. Bridgestone manipulated molecule structures and created new tire materials and compounds using its unique technology named “NanoPro-Tech”

With Nano Pro-Tech, Bridgestone developed tires using technologies on a wide range of scales from “nano-scale” molecular designing of materials to “meter-scale” evaluation tests with vehicles.

“NanoPro-Tech” – Bridgestone’s material design technology explained.

The Bridgestone Group creates new tire materials and compounds using “NanoPro-Tech“ to touch on a wide range of tire performances.

Silica dispersion technology is a good example of NanoPro-Tech. While silica can boost both fuel efficiency and wet grip performance of tires, its hydrophilic surface isn’t suitable to disperse well in hydrophobic rubber. Which is why silica dispersion is the main element to get better performances of tires.

Bridgestone designs rubber molecules to bind well with silica particles for improving silica dispersion in rubber.

With this, the compound developed with NanoPro-Tech provides many benefits for the tire like reducing rolling resistance that boosts environmental performance. Safety is also improved by enhancing wet braking performance.