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How to spot if your Bridgestone tires are legit

Buying tires that are branded as illegitimate imports from unregistered dealers have become prevalent over the years.

Many drivers are opting for this type of purchase in hopes to save money, but they are unaware of the dangers and risks associated with these illegitimate imports.

Scoring a good deal by buying from unregistered dealers poses risk not only to you but those of others as well on the road. Let’s not also forget that you may be getting these tires for a lower price, but you may be compromising the performance of your car.

Do not be a victim of these offers. In this article, Bridgestone Philippines aims to make its consumers more aware of this issue.

Take note of these things to spot if your Bridgestone tire is legit.

  • The tire should be bought from a registered and authorized Bridgestone tire center. Visit this link to see the list of our trusted dealers.
  • Check the product tag stickers of your tire. This should be in English only.
  • Double-check its origin. The tire should not come from any of these countries: Costa Rica, South America & South Africa.
  • Why should you only buy from Bridgestone authorized centers?


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