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As the global pandemic has closed down most institutions, people are called to stay in their homes and avoid spreading the virus further. They are also instructed to practice proper washing of hands and adherence to social distancing. There are times, however, that people cannot stay home due to errands and other necessities such as groceries and work.

It takes more than clean hands to assure yourself that an infectious disease can’t harm you. Especially when it’s been found out that the virus can stay on surfaces for hours before it completely dies. Before you take a ride in your car, make sure it is properly disinfected.

Here are some tips you can follow:

Prioritize surfaces where your hands touch

Through recent research, it’s found that the virus can easily be killed simply by soap. Create a soap solution in a bucket, mixing your daily soap and water. Soak a soft cloth in this solution and use it to wipe surfaces where your hands mostly touch your vehicle. This includes, car door handles, steering wheel, gear stick, window buttons, mirrors and signal handles.


Make yourself an in-car disinfectant

To make sure your car interior is free from viruses, you need to have a safe disinfectant you can use on all surfaces such as the dashboards and the seats. Mix equal parts of water and rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Start spraying on surfaces and wipe them immediately with a soft cloth. Make sure to use a safe cloth material to avoid scratches on surfaces.


Equip your car with cleaning materials

Whenever you need to go out, always have cleaning and protective items ready in your car. You do not know what you might be transferring back into your car whenever you go on errands. Easily wipe surfaces with your cleaning equipment whenever. Better yet, wear gloves to avoid transference of virus from one surface to another.

Never shy away from taking extra measures to protect yourself and your family from infection. Start by acting how you would if you think you’re already infected. Stop the spread of the virus and clean your car inside and out regularly.