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How to prepare your car for a road trip

While COVID-19 is still at large and safety restrictions are still in place, many of us wonder if we will spend the holidays this year again cooped up inside our houses doing virtual Christmas parties. However with the fast vaccination rollout, many have started to plan a holiday getaway with friends and family again.

If your holiday plans include long road trips, remember the following tips to stay safe.

Pack an emergency kit

Jumper cables
Flares or reflective triangle
Ice scraper
Car cellphone charger
First Aid Kit


Check the ff. before you hit the road

Battery and ignition system
Exhaust system
Fuel and air filters
Heater and defroster
Lights and hazard lights
Windshield wiper


Car Safety Tips

Avoid Flooded Areas

Don’t drive through flooded areas as it can cause your car to lose grip of the road and hydroplane.


Manage your gas mileage

Gas prices are on the rise. Save on gas if you do these:

  • Avoid driving on rough roads
  • Remove excess weight from your car
  • Compute the estimated cost of fuel for your trip
  • Slow down your acceleration
  • Maintain moderate speed


Stay alert while driving

Even though it is important that you enjoy the road trip as much as the destination, it’s also essential that you stay alert while driving.

  • Scan the road for hazards
  • Do not pull over the side of the road, especially at night.
  • Take breaks at rest stops to stay awake and energized.
  • Share driving responsibilities