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We live in a world full of distractions, in an age where high-speed forms of media and digitized content from news, advertising, to entertainment thrive. 

We used to worry about the fear of missing out, but now we are facing something more challenging to overcome. 

Between COVID-19 and civil unrest, there’s a lot to be anxious about. Every day, we are plagued with contact fear of the uncertain. 

It’s only natural to be upset and worry about how to forward and cope up with anxiety. 

Turning your attention away from what’s out there to what’s right here doesn’t make you vulnerable; it makes you stronger. 

Mindfulness is a tool that will help you understand and healthily deal with your emotions. When we are mindful, we experience life as we live it, and we purposefully bring our attention to the present without judgment. 

You can easily learn mindfulness when you pay attention to the small things like the pace and depth of your breathing or focusing on the things that people around you say or do. 

Here are other exercises you can do to develop mindfulness further.


Find a quiet place where you can release your worries, breathe, and stay in the present.


Body Scanning

Focus your attention on each of your body parts. What is it feeling?



Find a safe space where you can walk at your own pace. It’s better if you do this outdoors so that you can savor your surroundings. But remember to still follow outdoor safety protocols under GCQ. 


Winding down to sleep

Drown out your surroundings and relax your body bit by bit, from head to toe.


These are useful techniques that will help reduce stress and be more attuned to others’ needs. It also teaches us to be kinder, calmer, and more patient with ourselves and others.