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Guide to car safety features - Bridgestone Philippines

Safety should always be a key consideration when shopping for cars and tires. Knowing the safety features to check out and knowing their purpose is important to ensure your protection while driving on the road.

Some safety features are now standard on new vehicles, these are airbags, electronic stability control. safety seatbelts and the latch child safety seat system—these modern safety features can significantly reduce the likelihood of a collision.


Electronic Stability Control

Slows individual wheels during a turn to keep a car on course.


Lane-Keep Assist

Detects lane departure and steers the vehicle back into the correct lane. This safety feature will alert you of the drift and also make a sound, flashlight, or vibration.


Adaptive Cruise Control

Monitors the driver-set speed and distance to the vehicle ahead. It uses a radar good at detecting traffic patterns. This safety feature also works in conjunction with the Lane Keeping Assist to keep your car in its lane.


Adaptive Headlights

Improve forward illumination based on road conditions. The adaptive headlights are also able to view night objects up to 100 feet away.


Collision Warning System

Alert the driver if a collision is imminent.


Active Park Assist

Helps parallel park the vehicle with no steering from the driver.


360-Degree Camera

Improves visibility when backing up or parking.


Drowsiness Alert

Uses automobile or driver date to indicate when you need a break.