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Dueler: Mud Terrain (MT) vs All Terrain (AT) vs Highway Terrain (HT)

Are you planning to upgrade or change the tire of your 4×4 vehicle?

Choosing the right type can be quite complicated. Although 4×4 tires are made to work in most conditions, they’re not designed to excel at one specific condition like purpose-built tires are.

The Dueler tire delivers power and toughness suited for 4×4, SUV, or truck. It’s the perfect tire to explore and take on challenging road terrain. But to find the right tire for you, you’d have to look at different tire types of Dueler namely— Mud Terrain, All Terrain, and Highway Terrain.

Here’s a quick guide you refer to:


Mud Terrain (M/T)

M/T tires feature deep tire tread with giant grooves, these help ensure tires can find grip in loose terrain like mud.

When mud builds up, it creates a point where the tire can push itself over—which we don’t want to happen. This is why M/T is designed specifically to push mud around.

M/T tires are not efficient on hard terrains like gravel or roads.


All-Terrain (A/T)

For a tire best in almost any scenario, the all-terrain tire is your best bet.

You will face common options of tire types to choose from with All-Terrain tires. Each has the overall benefits of all-terrain tires but is designed to suit drivers who want something entry-level to professional.

Mild all-terrain tires are good for drivers who use their 4×4 as a daily driver but want to go off-road occasionally.

Aggressive all-terrain tires are designed for drivers who do little else but drive off-road.

Yes, there are better tires for specific scenarios, but they are designed for the toughest of tough conditions, for 4×4 adventures and off-road escapades.


Highway Terrain (H/T)

This tire type is designed to be effective on tar surfaces. H/T tires have a more narrow tread and softer rubber that makes the best use of the road condition that ranges between warm and cold, dry, and wet.

H/T tires are not designed to grip in dunes or muddy terrain.

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