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There;s a Bridgestone for every body

Choosing the right tires for your car can be daunting. Every decision you make, you must take into consideration your safety and the quality of your ride for the next few years. Other factors you must consider include your driving style, type of car, road condition in your city, and more. Bridgestone offers a wide range of superior quality tires suitable for every car type available.

For 2022, our brand continued to push our campaign, “There’s A Bridgestone For Every Body” in which we featured a guide for motorists on what Bridgestone tires are suitable for every type of car.

Before deciding on what to buy, you must know what tire sizes are correct for your vehicle. The correct tire sizes of your car can be found inside your car’s door jamb, in your owner’s manual.

So if you ever decide to invest in new tires, we recommend that you consult our authorized Bridgestone tire dealers to make sure your car is fitted with the right tire.

Stay tuned next year as we will introduce a brand new campaign that is perfect if you’re still wondering what tires you should buy for your vehicles.