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Bridgestone Cup Leg 3

It was time to step on the brakes as Bridgestone Cup’s third and last leg ended in full gear! As part of Bridgestone’s effort to promote environmental-friendly driving, in this leg, race participants composed of Car Club teams and Media teams experienced a day filled with activities that can help save the environment.  Driving from pit stop to pit stop, participants got a taste of what the Ecopia experience was all about. Designed to reduce rolling resistance, Ecopia promotes better fuel efficiency and less COemissions, along with great performance on wet or dry road conditions.

Each team was challenged to come up with their own strategy to fully maximize fuel efficiency throughout the competition. Race participants also had to face other eco-related challenges such as rain water collection and waste segregation. At the end, all cars were checked to see which team was able to save the most fuel.

The team of DJ Sanchez and Bimbo Sanchez from the Euro Car Club, and the team of Dean Ang and Vincent Pornelos from Auto Industriyaproved themselves to be the best eco-drivers. They went home with P10,000, P5,000 worth of Bridgestone products, and Caltex Fuel.

In an interview, Philip Gan, VP for Marketing said, “I think that after the Bridgestone Cup, we were able to express the idea that with Bridgestone, customers are guaranteed top quality tires for every road condition while keeping the environment in mind.  In this day and age, we learned to incorporate the right technology to provide solutions for today’s environmental crisis.  This is why we are very proud of our Ecopia tires. They are made with 100% natural rubber, from environmentally friendly factories.”

“This last leg of the competition sums up what Bridgestone is all about,” Marc Tagle, EVP-GM of Philippine Allied Enterprises Corporation adds. “Bridgestone is moving towards more environmental-friendly causes, and we would like everyone to know that you can contribute to the environment without sacrificing your passion for driving.  As we always say, ‘your journey is our passion’ and this includes everyone’s journey to help the Earth.”

In addition to Marc’s statement, Philip said, “Although this may be the last leg of the competition, we can assure everyone that this Green Drive movement will not stop here.  We want everyone to be a part of this campaign for the environment, and we definitely have a lot more in store for the future.”

Rest assured Philippine Allied Enterprises Corporation definitely has more surprises ahead for everyone. The journey will continue so hold on to your keys – another ride will begin soon.