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Sometimes, it can be necessary to go out of your house even when there’s an outbreak. You can be the designated shopper for groceries or other errands. As much as you want to keep yourself inside, there are just some things you really need to accomplish outdoors.

Here are some things to consider when you brave the outside world during an outbreak.

Avoid touching anything with your hands

As much as possible, limit the things you touch from the doorstep to the inside of your home. Work with those that stay at home and inform them of your arrival. This way, they can keep the door open so you can go straight to your designated cleaning area. Wash your hands carefully with soap and sanitize with alcohol before you touch anything. 

Remove outside clothes before you go in

Whenever you return home, keep your shoes outside before going in. Quickly remove articles of clothing you believe to have been in contact with other people outside. Have a laundry basket ready by the door so you can remove clothes easily and minimize the chances of bringing the virus in your home. Keep a box outside so things like shoes, cloth bags or keys you took with you outside can stay out. 

Head straight for the shower

After removing all outside elements from your body, go straight for the showers. Use antibacterial soap and carefully wash off dirt or any trace of exposure clean. If possible, use body wash so you do not end up using the same soap as everybody in the house. Soap can easily remove the grease particles in the virus so it is the perfect cleanser.

Wash your clothes outside

Do not mix clothes you used to go outside with your regular clothes. If possible, wash your clothes outside the house or room. Use hot water at 140 degrees to clean your outside clothes thoroughly of any germs and viruses. 

Don’t forget the little things

Things such as phones, eyeglasses and car keys can be carriers of the virus as well. Make sure after taking these items outside, sanitize them with a clean cloth with alcohol. Coins or the card you use to make payments at the store can also become carriers. Be sure to sanitize all these little things for your safety.


It may seem like an overreaction but there’s nothing wrong with taking healthy precautions. Refrain from going out too much and stay at home. This is the best way to prevent yourself from catching the virus.