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Signs of tire failure

Age, exposure to UV rays, your driving style & habits, etc are all factors that wear your tire over time. As the only component of your car that touches the ground, tires play a very important role in keeping you safe while on the road.

You must check your tire’s condition regularly to ensure that your tires are healthy and safe to drive on. Apart from regular maintenance, it’s also important that you know when it is time to replace your tires.

Here are warning signs of tire failures you should look out for:


Cracking or cuts in the sidewall

If you see cracks and cuts in the tire’s sidewall, have them replaced immediately—these could lead to the tire either developing a leak or it might blow out. Sidewall cuts are often caused by foreign objects, while sidewall cracking is caused by tire age.


Uneven tread wear

This is usually caused by improper tire inflation, misaligned wheels, damaged tires, or suspension parts problem.


Worn tread

As you drive the tread will wear down. It’s important to check your tread wear indicator regularly, and if the tread wears down to the bar indicator, it’s time to replace it.


Bulges or blisters

Blisters are tire deformation caused by inner friction of the tire’s rubber layers, while tire bubbles are caused by high-impact damages. These weak spots can lead to dangerous blowouts.


Excessive vibration

Slight vibrations are normal. However, if your car begins vibrating more than normal this could be a result of internal damage in your tire, misaligned or unbalanced tires, and damaged or worn brake rotors.