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Turanza T005A Tire Pattern


Is a quiet and comfortable ride high on your priority list?

Noise is something that most of us experience while driving and traveling—which can be annoying when you need a quiet space to focus or enjoy your ride.

Modern Tires like Turanza from Bridgestone are designed to minimize road noise. Yes, you can’t just value tires by how quiet they are, you also need other features and technology that make the tire safe and high performing. Lucky for you, you never have to give up superior quality and safety with Turanza tires.

Turanza T005A prioritizes your comfort above all, so you can rest easy knowing you are getting what you need without sacrificing important tire features.


Relax and focus on the journey ahead with Turanza’s minimal tire noise technology.


Be safe even while driving in wet conditions. Turanza is designed to provide a better on the roads.


Enjoy a stale drive on highways. Turanza reduces vibrations and road noise to boost comfortability.


TURANZA T005A Tire Features

Variable Pitch

Reduces pattern noise

High-Angle Sipes

Fine-tuned to soften tire impact on the road to achieve less pronounced pattern noise


Prevents tire deformation.
Ensures flat contact with the road.
Improves braking performance.

Optimized Contact Shape

Reduces shock and impact noise for better comfort

Reinforced Sidewall

Reduces damping and improves comfort.

New Compound

Nano Pro-Tech reduces heat generation and energy loss providing better wet performance.

Arrive at your best when you journey with Turanza T005A.