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Cities and provinces are starting to lift ECQ restrictions, but that doesn’t mean that coronavirus has gone away. Local authorities and medical experts still strongly advise to continuously observe precautionary measures against COVID-19. 

As we count down the days until we can party, travel abroad, and hug our loved ones, let’s remember that our efforts—may be financial, physical, or emotional — should go into ensuring our safety. That is why we should invest in products and activities that would help us stay healthy and safe until vaccines are available. 

Here are things you should invest in to help you prepare post-ECQ.

Setting up emergency funds

Being stuck at home during quarantine allowed us to save the money we will usually spend on lunch-outs, trips, gym memberships, and more. You can use that money as starter cash for your future emergency fund. 


Protective Gears

Types of equipment like face shields, gloves, and face masks are your first protection from virus transmission when touching surfaces, going out, and accidental contact to people in the streets and your office. 


Exercise Equipment 

While boosting your immune system by exercising is essential, public spots like the gym are fertile ground for germs and viruses. Working out in your home using your own exercise equipment is safer and more hygienic.


Fuel-saving tires

While we are concerned about our spending during this trying time, it isn’t ideal to use public transport right now. Invest in fuel-saving tires to save on gas money while going places. 


Getting a policy

Life insurance offers financial protection for you and your loved ones in the event that something unexpected happens.