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Who has been working from home for the past few weeks? The current global situation may limit your movement, especially your trips outdoors. This may result in your car staying in the garage for longer periods without being used. Like all machines or equipment when left in place for a long time, they may quickly degrade.

Don’t let this happen to your car. Here are some parts you shouldn’t forget to look into while your car is staying in your garage.


For cars older than three years, it may be necessary to keep your engine running to keep it functioning. Allow it to warm up by turning the engine on once in a while. This will allow the car’s oil to circulate which can prevent wear and tear. Newly bought cars’ engines can skip this process as they can still work at peak performance.


When left stagnant in your garage, the tires will carry all the weight of your vehicle. Over time, this will cause your tires to deflate. If this continues, it may cause cracks as there is less air to hold the car’s weight. Before you put your car in prolonged inactive state, be sure to inflate the tires with the recommended PSI rating or higher. Adding support like a jack to handle the stress may also help.


If you are aware of the length of time you won’t be using your car, it is better to disconnect the battery for the time being. It takes around 2 weeks before the battery is drained when it remains unused. In case of any emergency, disconnecting may not be a viable option. A way to keep the battery in good condition is to turn the engine on from time to time.


Dust can easily settle and accumulate on your car exterior if you do not have any cover. Wash your car once a week to avoid buildup of dirt that can cause corrosion on your vehicle’s paint. Don’t forget to clean corners and hinges as dust may get into them as well.

When the quarantine is over and you can finally go out again, don’t just simply run with your car. Be sure to conduct checks to see if it is still running in good condition. If you followed these tips, there is nothing to worry about!