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Bridgestone Tires PH - Save Money By Investing in Fuel-Efficient Tires

Fuel-Efficient tires are tires with low rolling resistance, meaning they require less energy than standard tires. They are usually referred to as “eco-tires” as they reduce harmful carbon emissions.

Are you interested in tires that will save you gas money and give you more mileage per liter without compromising comfort? Bridgestone Ecopia tires will be right up your ally!

Notable Traits

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Wear life
  • Quiet ride

Designed to make your car more fuel-efficient, Bridgestone Ecopia is designed for eco-conscious and cost-conscious drivers.


What is the technology behind the fuel efficiency of Bridgestone Ecopia?

Tire rolling resistance is the measure of the energy lost by the tire as it rotates on your vehicle. Essentially, it’s one of the catalysts of items that your engine has to overcome to move the car forward.

The technology that is featured in Ecopia fuel-efficient tire helps reduce the loss of energy as the tire rotates.

For example, they have a fuel saver sidewall that reduces heat generation and NanoPro-Tech™, which optimizes performance characteristics by controlling the interaction between polymer, filler materials, and other rubber chemicals at the molecular level. They are also made from environmentally conscious materials, such as non-aromatic oil and recycled materials.

At Bridgestone, we aim for a waste-free future in the industry and the communities we operate in. No more tires to landfills, every spent tire is turned into a valuable resource, and a healthy environment for current and future generations.