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Reasons Why Bridgestone Tires Are Perfect for Wet Season


There are many cases where weather-related crashes happen on wet pavement.

We cannot deny that driving through wet conditions can be risky and challenging, so we must prepare for it to arrive safely at our destinations.

We can prepare for it by adjusting our driving style and making sure we have our tools and equipment ready in case of emergencies but are our vehicles equipped for the rainy season?

Bridgestone offers a wide variety of tires that highlight features that prioritizes your safety, performance, and comfort while driving on wet pavements.


Highlights Safer Wet Grip, Ecopia EP300 delivers improved safe wet performance. Its grip levels mean a shorter braking distance, even on damp to wet road surfaces.

This design and technology is a cutting-edge compound improving wet grip and reducing rolling resistance, made possible because of its high-dispersing silica that not only increases the contact area but also reduces energy loss.



The Bridgestone tire never backs down and can withstand the harshest conditions. This tire is perfect for adventuring on any terrain under any condition including heavy rainfall.

Dueler A/T 697’s tire pattern is designed to channel water efficiently with its advanced continuous streamlines grooves without losing traction and control under wet conditions.



Potenza provides you with the best driving experience even during the rainy season.

With its tread pattern and tire composition, you can expect precise handling and superior cornering performance.

Triple & Half Grooves
Gives you control on both wet and dry road surfaces.



Heavy rainfall makes the ride inconvenient and uncomfortable on the road, but not with Turanza T005A, this tire prioritizes your comfort above all.

This tire is designed to be quieter, smoother, and safer while driving on wet or dry roads.

With its Chamfering tire feature, you can be rest assured that tire deformations are prevented, flat contact with the road is ensured, and braking performance is excellent under any weather condition.

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