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Quieter and Safer Journey with Bridgestone Turanza

Bridgestone Turanza: Comfort Above All

These tires ensure that your driving experience will be more refined and luxurious, with a strong focus on safety, comfort, and year-long traction.

Road noise will never be one of the distractions you have to worry about while driving on the road with Bridgestone Turanza.

It reduces high-frequency noise—improving comfort without compromising handling and superior performance.

Turanza tires ensure that your driving experience is luxurious with its exceptional design and technology focused on safety, comfort, wear life, and quiet ride.

This Bridgestone tire is designed for luxury vehicles. It provides a balance between comfortable silence and stability and minimizes road noise using an advance noise-canceling tread design.

What’s the technology behind Turanza tires?

Quiet ride


Optimized Pitch Variation

Randomized pitch variation is applied to every tread block on the inside shoulder, center, and outside shoulder of the tire. With this, the tone of each tread block is then varied to lessen the tire noise.

High-Angle Sipes

The high angle of sipes and contact lines are adjusted to a specific degree that softens the tire impact on the road, which then reduces the tire pattern noise.