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Is it time to buy new tires? The best way to determine if your tires are overly worn is to inspect it. You can have a trained professional do this for you, but you can also do this yourself.

Check your tire’s tread, it needs to be a least 1.6mm deep. If not, replace them immediately as they are not safe to use on the road. Remember to reassess the tread every few thousand kilometers or once a month.

Make sure to also check out for any damages and irregular wears on the sidewall for optimal performance and safety.


Find the correct tire size

You can find the correct tire size for your car by referring to the placard inside your car’s door jamb or petrol tank hatch, your owner’s manual, or on the sidewall of your current tires.


Know the tire type to get

Decide which tire type will work best for your needs and driving preferences.

Performance Tires

Do you want a good handling response in both wet and dry road conditions? These types of tires are equipped with high-speed stability with excellent braking performance for the street.

Comfort & Touring Tires
Is quietness high on your list of tire priorities? If yes, then Touring tires are suitable for you. These tires are engineered with noise dampening technology that reduces road-noise so that you can have the best in-car experience.

Fuel-saving Tires
Are you particular about your carbon footprint? Then choose fuel-saving tires. They are built for low rolling resistance performance allowing the vehicle to travel far with lesser petrol consumption.


Get a new set of tires

Yes, you need to replace all four tires at once. They all need to be identical as possible for better control when driving.

If you only need to replace one or two tires, select the tires similar to what is currently installed on your vehicle.


New or used tires

While buying used tires is a cheaper option, you need to consider the risks associated with it. Used tires may need to be replaced sooner than new tires.


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