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Owner's Obligation Reminder

It’s in the character of a Bridgestone user to be a cautious driver conscious about road safety and their responsibility over their vehicle and tire equipment.

They understand that road safety is not something we all want to leave to chance. This is why their choice of tire brand isn’t only a reflection of their support towards Bridgestone’s safer road for all campaign, it also stands as their commitment to being an active agent of this advocacy by setting an example every time they’re behind the wheel.

We trust that our tire users value tire care and perform regular tire inspection and maintenance practice. If you’re just starting to learn about these things, we applaud you, you’re already making amazing progress.

To help you with your journey, here is the owner’s obligation you should remember to ensure your tires are safe and to keep your 7-year warranty valid:

Operate tires at the proper tire inflation pressures as specified by the vehicle manufacturer and within,

Tire/ vehicle load capacity
Speed limitations
Maintaining proper wheel alignment
Tire/ wheel assembly balance

Check, inspect and attend to the maintenance of the following:

Tire Air Pressure
Use a tire pressure gauge to test your tires at home at least once a month, you can also drop by the nearest authorized Bridgestone tire center in your area to have your tires’ checked.

Tire Tread
Check the tread wear indicator bar. This will help you visually measure the tread depth left on your tires. If they are visibly flush, it indicates the end of your tire’s safe usability.

Tire Rotation
Our tires wear unevenly over time as we use them. Take your tires for a regular tire rotation service at the nearest authorized Bridgestone tire center in your area.

Tire balancing and alignment
This is important to be done regularly to prevent premature tread wear. Having tires aligned and balanced every 5,000 to 6,000 miles can help maximize your tires’ lifespan and overall performance.