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Changing our day-to-day life in unprecedented ways due to the challenges brought about by the pandemic can be both mentally and emotionally draining. 

Just when we were slowly becoming used to our lives in quarantine, our government lifted the lockdown to help our economy recover. Naturally, a lot of businesses resumed their operations and asked their employees to go to work. 

Fear and anxiety on how to go about this new routine can lead to burnout. This is why all sections of society, including employers and employees, should play a role in helping each other cope up with emotional stress.

Building and maintaining a cohesive and dependable team in the workplace can be achieved through good leadership.

Here are tips you can follow to manage mental health in the workplace:


Exercise flexible leadership

These uncertain times call for adaptive leadership, be open to suggestions from below and be authoritative, but also collaborative when necessary. 


Define boundaries

Lay down clear limits and expectations from each member of the team. Orchestrate, don’t micro-manage. 


Learning to dance

Management is a lot like dancing, even when you are leading, you should know when to let loose and let others step up.


Being a source of assurance to your employees is an integral part of being a good leader, it is important that you recognize what stress looks like and take steps to build your team’s resilience. Compassion should be exercised everywhere, may it be in the workplace or home.