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How to prevent your car from overheating

Summer is here! And many of us may have plans to travel long distances to unwind and have a vacation.

Overheating is a common issue during this time. As your car ages, the efficiency of its cooling system deteriorates.

Since most of us solely rely on our vehicle to take us places because it is safer, especially during this time. Remember to get regular car maintenance, to keep your car in good shape.

In this article, we will help give you tips on preventing your car from overheating.


Check the engine belts

This is a vital component of your engine cooling system. It transfers rotation energy to your car’s fan, water pump, etc.


Inspect your cooling system

Check for any leaks and see to it that your coolant levels are topped up. Inspect the fan if it is running fine, and the radiator if any blockages obstructing airflow.


Upgrade your cooling system

If you have observed that your cooling system is fine, but your engine still overheats, consider upgrading your system.

You can upgrade the following:

  • Rad cap
  • Add coolant additives
  • A new radiator


Get the right coolant for your car

Don’t skip this step. Coolant helps prevent your car from overheating. Do not let the reservoir dip below the recommended level.

Remember to store an extra coolant for emergencies. Make sure it is already pre-mixed.


Go easy on the gas

Putting unnecessary load on your car will produce heat.