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Have you been feeling uneasy and experiencing less enjoyment when spending time with your family?

While the quarantine presented an excellent opportunity to have more bonding time with them, it can feel too much and overwhelming at times. According to Ms. O, an Education and Empowerment consultant, Behavior interventionist, Mental Health Advocate, and a Resource Speaker. “This can lead to irritability and even resentment for having them always around. That, in turn, leads to feelings of uneasiness and guilt.”

These are symptoms of “closeness fatigue.”

  • You dread spending time with your family already.
  • There is less enjoyment being around them and it feels like an obligation.
  • Your emotional energy is depleted and you’re easily irritable.
  • You get triggered easily.
  • You feel negative around your loved ones.


It’s normal and valid to feel that way. One of the key ingredients to a healthy relationship be it with your partner, friends, or family is mutual respect for “we time” and “me time.” We all need and deserve time for ourselves and do the things we enjoy alone.

Cultivate healthy spaces for yourself and your loved ones with these tips from Ms. O:

  • Realize the change and acknowledge it.
  • Be aware of productivity or quality time pressure in times of quarantine.
  • Be upfront with your needs. Communicate and set your me-time, we time, our time.
  • Give yourself permission to not be interested. You don’t need to be on your children’s back at all times and vice versa.
  • Give each other space. Teach your family members how to do it, then give them the space to apply it themselves, makemistakes, and rectify it. Resist the urge to nag or say, “I told you so.”
  • Spark interest somewhere else in your life and cultivate your own interests.
  • Schedules and routines are essential. Work towards your kids’ utmost independence even if it’s not the way you like things are done.
  • Chill. Relax.