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Buying tires is the easy part, but choosing the right tire? It can be tricky. Picking the right tire for you involves various considerations. Not only does it have to suit the road condition in your locality, it also has to match your driving style.

Tires are often overlooked, but they are an essential part of your car. You might have a powerful engine or the most high-tech features, but if your tires are subpar and don’t match your vehicle, you won’t be able to enjoy your driving experience and maximize your cars’ components.

Here’s a guideline you can follow to find the best tires for your car, 

Determine if you need new tires

Knowing when your tire requires replacement is important. A great way to determine your tire’s health is to check your tire’s tread. If they are worn out, you need new tires. 

Know your tire size 

Tires come in different sizes. Consult your owner’s manual or the information placard inside your car to find out the wheel diameter for your vehicle.

Choose your tire type

Decide what tire type do you want, here are 2 basic and popular tires types you can consider. 

All-season Tires

Built for the average driver and are capable of performing in a variety of road and weather conditions. All-season tires handle well in warm weather but are not intended to provide the extreme grip or sportiness of a summer tire.

Summer Tires

Best on high-performance vehicles and are designed to offer both speed and agility. They are not as gas-friendly as many tires and though they’re great at handling wet conditions.

What to ask the dealer

After identifying the general type and size of tire you want, it’s now time to ask your dealer for help in choosing the best tire option for your car. Remember, no one knows your driving needs and issues best than you, so be sure to communicate that clearly with your dealer.

Don’t forget to also ask your dealer to outline each manufacturer’s warranty and replacement option to make sure your new tire investment is protected in the long run. 

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