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We often forget about our spare tires until we are on the side of the road in desperate need of one. Spare tires, like any of your regular tires, need proper care to perform and last too.

Here are 5 things you should know about spare tire maintenance.

Make sure your spare is inflated

Temperature changes and time can affect the level of air pressure in your tire. We recommend checking at least once a month if your tire contains the right air pressure level, as stated at the recommended psi.

Check the tread

The tread of your spare tire may not wear at the same rate as your regular running tires, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t degrade especially over time, so don’t forget to check the tread depth of your spare tires too!

Tire rotation

Include your spare in your regular rotation schedule to ensure that all of your tires have an even tread wear. This is especially a vital step for 4-wheel drive vehicles.

Do a leak test on the air valve

Inspect for bubbling by drowning the inlet with water. If you see bubbles forming, that’s a slow leak. Have it fixed or replaced immediately! Keep also in mind to always cover your air valve with valve caps to avoid dirt.

Keep it covered

This applies only to the outside-mounted spares. Cover your tire to protect it from road debris that can pierce it and from UV radiation that can break down the rubber.