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From the moment you press down on the gas pedal of your vehicle, your tires affect everything from braking, acceleration, and even gas mileage through rolling resistance.

What does rolling resistance mean? Tire rolling resistance is the energy that your vehicle needs to send to your tires to maintain momentum at a consistent speed over a surface. In short, it is the effort required to keep a tire rolling. The main contributor to rolling resistance is the process known as hysteresis. Hysteresis is essentially the energy loss that occurs as tire rolls through its footprint. The energy loss must be overcome by the vehicle’s engine, which results in wasted fuel.

Rolling resistance is going to happen whenever a tire makes contact with a road surface. As the gas prices go through the roof, it is important for us motorists to minimize wasted fuel. One way to do this is to choose low-rolling-resistance tires.

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Want to enjoy more savings in your pocket and cut back on fuel costs? Here at Bridgestone, we offer the best rolling resistance tires through Bridgestone Ecopia tires. Bridgestone Ecopia low rolling resistance tires are engineered to make any car more fuel-efficient. Go further on less energy using the breakthrough fuel-efficient tire performance technologies of ECOPIA tires. They’re made for the eco-conscious and cost-conscious driver, delivering low rolling resistance – meaning the tire minimizes wasted energy, reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Our ECOPIA line is designed to enhance fuel economy while delivering performance and a smooth ride. Explore our entire range of ECOPIA environmentally conscious, fuel-efficient tires for your car, hybrid, SUV, or crossover.

ECOPIA tires return more energy back to the tire instead of generating heat and compromising fuel efficiency. ECOPIA tires help channel water away from the tire through circumferential grooves, which improve resistance to hydroplaning and increase wet traction.