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One should understand the risks to prepare for something, may it be a calamity, emergency, or a pandemic. Preparing for coronavirus means having what you need to stay clean and safe while at home or when outdoors. So if you need to go out and run some errands, make sure you have these must-have items with you to minimize your risk of catching COVID-19. 


This may not cover other parts of your face, but face masks are effective at capturing droplets—which is the main transmission route of coronavirus. 

How to put on a face mask properly:

  1. Clean your hand with soap before touching the mask
  2. Determine which is the top and front side before wearing it.
    • The side of the mask that has a stiff bendable edge is the top, and the colored side of the mask is usually the front.
  3. Pinch the stiff edge to the shape of your nose.
  4. Make sure the mask covers your mouth and chin.


Washing your hand remains to be the gold standard for preventing COVID-19 infection. It’s the most comfortable and cheapest way to protect yourself and avoid the transmission of bacteria and viruses to objects we often touch.

Quarantine Pass

Always bring your issued quarantine passes and identification cards when going out. 



Nothing beats alcohol in combating coronavirus. It’s proven to destroy the shell of the virus, making it impossible for the virus to survive and multiply. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that you get alcohol products with 70% and above solution. 


Wet wipes

If you do not have a water and bleach solution, wet wipes infused with alcohol will serve as a great alternative in cleaning certain parts of your car. Make sure to get ones with 60% or more alcohol content in them. 


Alcohol Prep Pads

Most of us forget disinfecting small objects we often touch like our smartphone, car keys, or water bottles. And considering that we do not always have cotton rounds or tissue around to help us disinfect, we recommend these handy alcohol prep pads. Alcohol Prep Pads is also ideal for your onboard touchscreen infotainment.


First Aid Kit

Help may not always be available on the road, so you should never leave without your first aid kit to help you deal with minor injuries and accidents. 

Here are the contents of a very basic (and small) first aid kit: