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Ecopia EP300

Searching for an eco-friendly tire without sacrificing high performance and safety can be challenging and taxing when you are looking at the wrong tire brand.

Bridgestone tires have always been an ally of mother earth. Ensuring a healthy environment for current and future generations has always been a part of our commitments—we do this by focusing on taking care of the Earth’s natural resources by reducing, reusing, and recycling wherever possible, and by designing eco-oriented products. A champion of this tire variant is Ecopia EP300, a Bridgestone tire engineered for the environment and eco-conscious drivers.

With the innovative design and top of the class technology of EP300, it is positioned as the next generation eco-tire that embodying the tagline “When You Want It All” showcasing the following benefits:

Fuel Efficiency

Ecopia EP300 is proven to increase mileage by 11 per tank.

Ecopia EP300 Fuel Efficiency


Safer Wet Grip

EP300 highlights improved safe wet performance. Its grip levels mean a shorter braking distance, even on damp to wet road surfaces.

Ecopia EP300 Safer Wet Grip



A deeper lug depth and optimized crown shape provide long-lasting performance so you can save on tire costs in the long run.

Ecopia EP300 Long Lasting




Bridgestone’s cutting-edge compound improves wet grip and reduces rolling resistance.

This is possible because of its high-dispersing silica that not only increases the contact area but reduces energy loss.

Ecopia EP300 NanoPro-Tech

A. Optimised Crown Shape

This technology and design ensure more even contact pressure between the tire and road surface—contributing to better rolling resistance, wet grip, and wet life.

B. Chamfering Sife

A rounded block edge design that prevents deformation to keep the contact shape flat.

C. Round Rib Edge and D. Deeper Lug Depth

Improved contact shape and pressure distribution are achieved by maintaining stiffness against lateral forces.

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