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Dueler A/T 697 Tire Pattern

When the road gets tough, Dueler never backs down.
This Bridgestone tire is deemed to be the ultimate 4WD all-terrain tire tested to withstand the harshest conditions.

Dueler A/T 697 takes tough to a whole new level with Its superior wear life and better resistance makes it a number one choice for all-terrain adventuring on any terrain under any conditions.

Impressed yet? There’s more to admire.

Excellent Traction & Steering Control

Designed to give superior road-handling performance whatever the terrain.


Enhanced Off-Road Stability

Good traction and stability on a variety of terrain.


Smooth Ride & Low Road Noise

An optimized tread design that dampens road noise and vibrations to deliver a smooth quiet ride.


Key Design Elements

1. Reinforced sidewall helps with efficient stress distribution and resistance against abrasions and punctures. 2 Go on adventure in style with its bold and aggressive white lettering, with black lettering on opposite sides to match. 3. 2-in-1 combination design that seamlessly merges tread with shoulder

4. Ultra-modern design with high-performance superiority merged by computer-optimized block pattern. 5. Channels water efficiently with its advanced continuous streamlined grooves while providing traction and control under wet conditions. 6. Innovatively reduces noise and tread wear through optimized highs and lows in the shoulder lug. 7. Provides high stiffness with its tough, alternating Semi Stealth grooves

In a place where only the best survive, Bridgestone’s Dueler A/T 697 is the tire you can rely on. Visit any Bridgestone authorized dealer near you to purchase this tire today: