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As the Philippines transition to GCQ to help with our economic recovery, many commuters are facing difficulties in transportation as they return to work. 

Although restrictions have been lifted and different modes of transportation were allowed to hit the road, the government limited their passenger load to just half their capacity, which made ride-sharing services and carpooling preferable over public transit. 

However, there is still the threat of contracting coronavirus when you travel in a vehicle with people you’ve not been in lockdown with. 

Here’s a guide you can follow to help protect yourself and passengers during this time. 

Monitor public health updates from DOH

Stay up-to-date on the latest news concerning COVID-19 from our local health department to help you prepare and avoid contracting the virus. 


Practice Physical Distancing

Ask your passenger to sit in the back to have physical distance from them. 


Avoid handling money

Encourage contactless transactions with your passenger by suggesting that they pay using their cards or handing them a box where they can put their money. 


Encourage proper hygiene

Have tissues, hand sanitizer, or alcohol ready for your passengers to use.


Ensure safety

Mandatory use of face masks and gloves is required for drivers and passengers, as instructed by the Department of Transportation. 


Disinfect your car regularly

Clean your car every after use with disinfectant spray. Don’t forget to wipe the surfaces and parts of the car we often touch.