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Selecting the perfect tire for your vehicle is no easy feat! This important decision determines your safety and the quality of your ride for the next few years.

Choosing the right tire involves various considerations like the road condition in your locality, your driving style if it matches your ride or vehicle, and more.

It can easily be overwhelming when you are going through this alone, but with Bridgestone guidance, through this article, you don’t have to worry about that!

We’ll help you find the best-suited tire for your car,

First on the list is knowing your tire size,
What tire sizes are correct for your vehicle? The answer to this question can be found inside your car’s door jamb, in your owner’s manual.

If you ever decide to substitute a new size or tire type, we recommend that you seek the advice of an authorized tire retailer, because many optional tire sizes carry different load capacities and require wheels of a different rim width or diameter and air pressure.

So what is the best tire option for your car? We can help you with that. Bridgestone offers a wide range of superior quality tires suitable for every car type available in the market.


Bridgestone Dueler

Take on any terrain with Dueler’s long-lasting treadwear and year-round traction without losing control. This tire carries the essence of Bridgestone’s tire design technology that received worldwide recognition. The quiet ride and versatile performance it delivers provide its users an even greater driving pleasure for various high-performance 4WD vehicles.

  • Wet performance
  • Noise/Vibration Reduction
  • Traction and Control


Bridgestone Ecopia

This tire is designed to enhance your car gas mileage while sustaining high-quality performance. With Ecopia’s low rolling resistance technology minimizing wasted energy, reducing fuel consumption and carbon emission, this tire is designed for the eco-conscious and cost-conscious drivers.

  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Wear life
  • Quiet Ride


This tire is engineered with a rubber compound that improves durability making the wear life Potenza last longer. Potenza is designed with tread patterns allowing better grip and cornering capabilities without sacrificing stability even at high speeds.

  • Dry performance
  • Grip and Response
  • Quiet Ride



Have a peaceful drive anytime with Turanza’s noise-absorbing tire technology. If you seek to achieve high-level balance combining comfort, driving performance, and advanced technology, this tire is the tire for you.

  • Ride comfort
  • Wear Life
  • Quiet Ride

To make your tire shopping easier and hassle-free, we created a list you can refer to:


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