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Motoring experts, media and car aficionados gather today to participate in the first-ever Bridgestone Cup:  a series of races led by the Philippine Allied Enterprise Corporation (PAEC), the country’s distributor of Bridgestone tires.  This year, there will be a total of three (3) legs that will be held in various race circuits designed and supervised by the Tuason Racing School.  Each race will use a specific Bridgestone tire on a chosen road condition.  Competitors for each leg will be made up a group of media teams and another group of car club teams.  Each group will vie it out to win P10,000 cash and P10,000 worth of Bridgestone gift certificates; plus the honor of becoming the first winners of the Bridgestone Cup.

In today’s race leg, competitors will push the boundaries of their driving on race cars fitted with the Potenza S001, the tire of choice for high-performance cars all over the world.  With its Multi-Performance Block, the tire was created to maintain stability and achieve excellent performance and handling in both wet and dry conditions.  With an innovative asymmetric design, the tire’s inner tread pattern makes it tuned for performance in wet, while its outer tread pattern enhances handling in dry surfaces.  By optimizing contact between car and road, the designers also achieved the most stable maneuverability possible, most noticeably when cornering at high speeds.  Another point that sets it apart is the quiet and comfortable ride.  

Marc Tagle, EVP-GM of PAEC shares, “S001 is always stable, no matter how extreme the driving. I am confident that we can prove that on the track today.  For spirited drivers who want to keep reaching new limits, this tire is perfect for them.”

The joy of sport driving is core to the Potenza S001.  But to realize this, one doesn’t need to burn rubber on a race circuit to prove that the tire is just as important as the vehicle’s body design and engine power.  Across the world, car makers have already embraced the tire’s premium status.  “The S001 is the tire of choice by many high-performance cars throughout Europe.  They recognize the tire’s excellence across all performance merits,” Marc adds.

The second leg of the Bridgestone Cup will be held at Clark Race Speedway on the 30th of September, followed by the third and last leg for the year at the Batangas Race Circuit on the 28th of October.

“Our group is always trying to find new ways to bring enjoyable driving experiences to the motoring world.  With the launch of the Bridgestone Cup, we hope to create new and exhilarating challenges year on year,” says VP for Marketing, Philip Gan.