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Bridgestone 3+1 Purchase Paves the way to a brighter Future | Bridgestone Tires PH

The pandemic has created one of the largest disruptions in the world in decades. Gone are the long crawls in Metro Manila traffic to and from work. Weekend getaways to nearby provinces are highly discouraged. Air travel across the globe has been deeply impaired. Life in general has drastically changed in the last six months.

As society and the economy slowly (but safely) try to get back to normal, you’re probably starting to head out of your house more for errands and work-related matters. And at the same time, you realize that need to get a new set of rubber for your car. Luckily, Bridgestone is offering a 3+1 deal on car tires from July 15 to December 31, 2020. During this period, you can get a complete set of four Bridgestone tires for the price of three. Definitely a worthwhile promotion; considering that Bridgestone is an internationally renowned tire manufacturer that’s been delivering quality products since its Japanese origins in the 1931.

Additionally, Bridgestone is throwing in some premium items if you do opt to avail of its deal. These include neck pillows, caps, tumblers, and umbrellas. Buy three tires to take one home for free, then draw twice from a box for two freebies. If you purchase two tires, you get one premium item. An enticing deal if you ask us.

The local arm of Bridgestone also goes beyond the business of tires. Its current promotions are made in partnership with a foundation to build schools around the country. Parts of the proceeds from this promotion will be donated to erect classrooms.

The educational system has been drastically hampered by the pandemic. Children have been confined in their homes and have scrambled to secure the materials required for online classes. But eventually, things will get better and they will be able to experience the joy of learning in a classroom once again.

Education is an integral part of society no matter the situation we are in. And in developing countries like the Philippines, the donations of classrooms are always a welcome sight. So if you’ve been looking to purchase a new set of tires, you might want to consider Bridgestone’s 3+1 promo and lend a helping hand while doing so.