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If you’re still working from home, your car is also likely sitting in your garage—unused for days or weeks at a time—save for the occasional grocery run. On the other hand, if you’re already using your trusted steed to go to work, you’re subjecting it to natural wear and tear and the unforgiving roads.

Whatever the case may be, you should not forget to give your four-wheeled buddy some love. Aside from giving it an exterior wash and disinfecting its interior, you should also take this time to take care of some little tune-ups. Are your wipers still working? Do your headlights need cleaning? Does it have enough fluids or is it time to top it up? What about your tires? Have you checked if they’re already worn out?

If your tires are due for replacement, you will want to consider purchasing from Bridgestone. The brand, known for quality and providing its consumers peace of mind, is offering a 3+1 deal on its car tires from now until December 31, 2020. With this promo, you can get a full set of four Bridgestones for the price of only three.

What’s even better is that the proceeds from this promo will be used for a good cause. The company has partnered with a nonprofit organization to help build much needed classrooms in different parts of the country. This means that when you purchase Bridgestone tires, you also empower the youth and help bring their dreams to life.

On top of that, Bridgestone is also giving away premium items such as neck pillows, umbrellas, caps, and tumblers. For every purchase of two Bridgestone tires, you get one of said items. If you avail of the 3+1 promo, you get two premium items. Weavers of San Pablo and Cabuyao, Laguna who were displaced from economic activities helped produce said items, thereby giving them the opportunity to earn.

When you avail of Bridgestone’s 3+1 promo, you’re not just buying quality products and peace of mind, you’re also contributing to society. Now that’s what you call a great deal.