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A guide on how to change tires - Bridgestone Tires PH

Changing tires safely should be one of the basic auto mechanic skills every driver should have. Being familiar with basic car parts and repairs like this will help you when car trouble occurs.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to change tires safely by Bridgestone.


Step 1: Find a safe location

Scan your surroundings for an empty parking lot, straight stretch of road, or level ground. Use your hazard lights as soon as you pull over.


Step 2: Make sure your car doesn’t roll

Minimize the possibility of your car rolling by using the parking brake and applying wheel wedges when replacing a flat tire.


Step 3: Loosen the lug nuts

Get the lug wrench and turn the lug nuts counterclockwise. Do not remove them altogether yet.


Step 4: Raise the car

Place the jack under the car frame alongside the tire that’s flat. Raise the car until the flat tire is about six inches above the ground.


Step 5: Remove the tire

Unscrew the nuts all the way and pull it gently towards you.


Step 6: Replace the tire

Place the spare tire on the hub by lining up the rim with the lug bolts. Screw bolts on and tighten them.


Step 7: Lower the vehicle

Turn the jack level counterclockwise until the spare tire is resting on the ground. Grab the wrench and tighten the lug nuts—turning clockwise.


Step 8: Have your tires aligned

Lastly, bring your car to the nearest Bridgestone dealership for a proper tire alignment. You can find a list of our locations here: