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Excited to hit the road with your shiny new car? Your first experience behind the wheel can be both exhilarating and scary  when you’re new to the road scene in the Philippines. Learn how to  avoid dangerous road situations with these 8 life-saving tips from Bridgestone.

1. Familiarize yourself with the controls of your car

Familiarize yourself with the functions and controls of your vehicle. This will help keep you focused on the road and save you the trouble of searching for the right button or lever to use while driving.

2. Drive with the right attitude

Difficult traffic situations will arise in times when you least expect it. Teach yourself to respond mindfully by bringing a positive and proactive attitude with you on the road.

3. Watch the road

Broaden your vision, check your left and right side while keeping your eyes on the road. Remember to also use your peripheral vision to prepare for unexpected disturbances.

4. Position your mirrors properly

Before heading off the road, don’t forget to check your side and rear view mirrors and adjust them if needed, especially if someone else has driven the car before you.

5. Learn basic automotive mechanics

Knowing the basic automotive mechanics will save you from the trouble of not knowing what to do in the event that your car breaks down. Alternatively, always keep in hand your car insurance’s contact number in case you need assistance.

6. Always maintain a safe following distance

Keep at least 5 seconds of space from the vehicle ahead of you. Not only does this give you enough time to observe and react, it also decreases the likelihood of rear-end collisions on the road.

7. Avoid rushing on the road

Driving recklessly won’t get you to your destination faster, and will only endanger the safety of everyone else around you, inside and outside of your car. Better to arrive safe than sorry.

8. Clear all intersections

When you’re the first vehicle at the stop light and the traffic light turns green, check all the lanes first to make sure cross traffic has stopped, to avoid getting into accidents usually caused by red light runners.