Where to Go: Roadtrip Destinations in Cebu

June 14, 2018

The word ‘Cebu’ conjures delectable lechon delights, posh island getaways, and the Sinulog-Santo Nino Festival. Undoubtedly, there are many sights and sounds to experience in Cebu. While you’re in Cebu, you should maximize your stay by visiting these places in Cebu City. Here are the 5 Weekend Roadtrip destinations worth driving to while you’re in town:

1. Carbon Market

Want to sample all sorts of food at affordable prices? This market is downtown in Cebu City. You’ll have plenty of exploring because the market is lively and bustling with people.

2. University of San Carlos Museum

The university can be found in Del Rosarios Street. Although the museum is small, you can find many fascinating religious and historical artefacts. This will be an ideal place to visit for history aficionados and eager students.

3. Fort San Pedro

Are you a history buff? Around a fifteen-minute drive, Fort San Pedro is only 14 km away from Cebu City. Entrance fee is free for children, while the entrance fee for adults is only 30 pesos. Personal tours guides are also available. The Fort was originally built in 1565 by the Spanish as a stronghold against pirates and Portugese raiders.

4. Taoist Temple

Located in Beverly Hills Subdivision and just two kilometers away from JY Square Mall, the Taoist Temple is an ideal place to visit for some quiet and meditation. The entry point is about 400 meters walk from temple so be ready for some exercise before meditation.

5. Magellan’s Cross

As history informs us, Magellan was the first European explorer to find the Philippines. Magellan’s Cross is undoubtedly one of Cebu City’s main historical landmarks. The large cross is housed in a small rotunda near Basilica of Santa Nino and the town hall. This cross marks the location of the first mass celebrated in the Philippines.