What is Rolling Resistance?

August 18, 2015

On researching and deciding what kind of tire suits your vehicle, you may have encountered the term Rolling Resistance more than once. To enlighten you, here’s what Rolling Resistance means, plus little science as to how it affects your driving.

As basic Physics puts it, a car moves forward because of its tire’s repeated dig in and rotation motion. Your vehicle burns fuel, producing and projecting energy into your tires to pull into the ground and push away. Caused by factors on your tire’s interaction with the road, Rolling Resistance comes in as the inefficient usage of that energy. Rolling Resistance directly affects fuel consumption. Wasted energy is wasted fuel, and wasted fuel means inefficiency in vehicle expense.

Multiple factors increase or decrease Rolling Resistance. These factors include Tire Pressure, Tire Deflection, Tire Diameter and Tread among other things. To give you a better picture, check out this infographic.