Tire Buying: Do’s and Don’ts

June 20, 2018

Tires perform an important function: not only do wheels get you to where you need to go, but tires also ensure maximum safety on the road. Depending on how well you maintain it, your tires have a limited life span of between three to seven years. Here are some do’s and don’ts for purchasing tires:

Do buy tires that have an A or AA rating.

What does that mean? An A or AA rating indicates that the tires have good traction, and can help your vehicle stop in wet conditions. The highest traction grade is AA trailed by A, B, C - C being the lowest traction grade.

Do your proper research

Before you purchase tires, ensure you do your proper research. Research tailors your expectations and helps you make more informed decisions. For example, though it makes your vehicle faster and swifter, performance tires tend to wear out faster than regular tires.

Do select the right tire manufacturer or dealer

A car shop may offer you a limited number of tire brands, but a specific tire manufacturer may offer more variety as well as more expertise about tires suitable for your specific car needs. Go to Bridgestone where we can offer you our expert advice and high-quality tires.

Don’t purchase cheap tires

Though you think you may be saving, you may be losing in the long run. Cheaper tires have less traction than its higher-quality counterparts; it may not last very long as it is prone to wear and tear. Your life depends on it: be safe rather than sorry!

Don’t purchase tires from different manufacturers

It is not a good idea to mix and match your tire brands as the tread may wear unevenly for the tires. If you are really on a tight budget and cannot afford to spend money for all four tires, it is best to purchase a pair of tires from the same manufacturer.

Stick to the brand you can always trust. Check out Bridgestone’s wide range of performance tires http://bridgestonetires.com.ph/tires.